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The House Girl by Tara Conklin (2013)–slaves and masters in 1850’s Virginia coupled with a modern day legal case

Love Anthony by Lisa Genova (2012)–an autistic boy and friendship between two women

The Spy Game by Georgina Harding (2009)–1960’s Cold War Britain–was mother a spy?

Above All Things by Tanis Rideout (2013)–George Mallory’s 1924 expedition to Everest and his marriage

Sparta by Roxana Robinson (2013)–college-educated Marine officer returns to Westchester County after 4 years in Iraq, a chilling account of PTSD

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Molly's Point
Molly’s Point

As I gaze out at the sparkly Atlantic Ocean here in mid-coast Maine,  I am 95% retired and contemplating the end of work assignments in just two weeks.  It’s an awesome prospect, huge–I can’t ever recall being without a job or contemplating going to a new job.  It’s oddly liberating to think of having so much free time for reading, cooking, travel, friends, and grandchildren!

I am currently reading Roxana Robinson’s beautifully nuanced novel, Sparta, about a young Marine officer just home from Iraq after his four-year tour of duty.  He is irritated by, impatient with, and frequently angered by his family and everyone around him since they can’t understand what his recent life has been.  They are clueless and unaware and seemingly indifferent.

In some small way, I won’t know what it’s like to be retired until I fully am.